‘One of the world’s best digital artists’
Listed in:  200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 2019/2020
Lürzer’s Archive

Innovative, prompt and reliable, our premium photo retouching service produces creative, captivating images that are able to satisfy even the most demanding photographers and art directors.
Working across the commercial sector, we specialise in creating the highest quality images for a wide range of clients, from advertising agencies to commercial photographers, portrait photographers and retouching houses. 
Our comprehensive photo retouching service includes everything you need from retouching and compositing to post-production – we take care of all of your needs for you. At DonaGorska.com impossible is a word that is never in use - we are here to deliver whatever you need – and on time too.
Aldona’s Story:

I love Photoshop. No, really. I do. My ten-year obsession.
Lack of knowledge has seen it used in a heavy-handed manner over the years – and that’s a shame.
A digital artist, creative retoucher, Photoshop expert, detail maniac and blue-sky problem-solver, Photoshop is my tool of choice. My wand to bring all of my creative ideas and stunning visions to life – perfectly – down to the very last pixel.
Creativity is my passion. My fire. From the new reality that comes from combining images, to the illusion of perfection, making pictures is the fuel that gets me up every morning. 100% believable, created by me.
Best in the world.

One of my biggest clients was one of Ireland’s leading retouching & CGI production studios. Collaborating with the country’s best digital artists, photographers and advertising agencies on a vast variety of advertising projects over the last five years, has seen my work displayed on billboards, in public spaces and featured in publications. 
I was so proud, to receive recognition from the most renowned critics in advertising - Lürzer’s Archive – when I was given a coveted place in their list of the “200 Best Digital Artists Worldwide 2019/2020”. 
Need a team-mate?

Creative partnerships are my happy place. If my passion and skills spark your curiosity, I would be delighted to join forces and create something beautiful, or find a solution to that problem that won’t go away. 

Whether you are a new partner in crime, client or intrigued browser, I look forward to creating gorgeous images for you. 
Ask for Dona, even if my original name is Aldona.
”Follow instincts - never the crowd”